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9 mistakes you most not make during jamb registration

In this article we will be discussing 8 mistakes you most not make during jamb registration. Like we always advise our readers to always read and comprehend and then ask questions in the comments section if there's any.

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So quickly without wasting much time let's look at 8 mistakes Candidates most not make during jamb registration.


• Meaning of jamb registration

• Mistake you should avoid

• Solution to those mistakes

• Conclusion

MEANING OF JAMB REGISTRATION: what do we mean by jamb registration.? 

This is the process of registering for Jamb examination by submitting your details which might include your:




Subject combination

Local government area 




It is not only about giving the details, but it is also about giving the vital details.

"I have a friend who doesn't know how to generate his or her profile code" all those things are to be done before approaching the registration areana.


Below are some of the mistakes Candidates most have to avoid during jamb registration. Before we go into that lets bring your mind back from curiosity, well when we say mistakes you might be wondering how and when those mistakes Can be done, but the thing is do you know that mistakes are mostly done unknowingly to the victim.? Funny right! Yeah that's true people who makes mistakes are not aware there made those mistakes until there are done.

There is a saying we all know that know one is above mistake! It is true right.? But do not forget that there are some mistakes which requires proper attention before there were made.

We are not writing this content to judge any Candidate but our major focus is to let you know the harm you might get into if you make these mistakes in the future and specifically during jamb registration.

Before the 2024 jamb utme registration will commence, we urge every Candidate to read this careful because it not the normal way you understand the whole concept of both the examination and the registration.

Alright so without wasting much time let's go into details.

Below are some of the mistakes Candidates most have to avoid during jamb registration:

1• Do not always be in haste to get registered: yes as funny as this might sound it is very important to avoid it, been in haste at some point will cost you alot so therefore we urge Candidate to relax, observe the whole process before approaching the center.

"Ooh my God the registration have started I will make sure I get registered today Immediately"

Avoid me above motive because it might cost you alot so please be guided and follow instructions.

2• Be sure of your course Subject combination: now this point here is what people are literally aware of but the fail to do this not because the possibly want to but because there don't know how to know their Subject combination except maybe from their friends in school, and such information may not be true.

Knowing your Subject combination from the jamb guild lines disk is properly okay.

3• Do not ask the registrar to choose course for you: to be Frank with you in my humble opinion most Candidate are not aware that 75% of the registrar present at the registration venue Don't really know what subject combination could fit into your course, there are only concerned with getting you registered and which is absolutely normal and fair, although some tend to know this issue and then try to assist Candidate through the registration process, quickly let's look at some point I am trying to make out here, "let assume Adminlucas is aspiring for pharmacy and his subject combination is chemistry, Physics mathematics and English in his form i.e those are the subject he wants to write during the examination.

 most of the registrar are not aware that the combination is wrong and then tend to register adminlucas just like and he could seat hold on for the exam and hoping to get good mark to proceed for admission, but the most shocking aspect of this is he isn't aware that with wrong subject combination candidate are automatically not eligible for admission.

All Candidate are to sincerely look into that aspect and try as much as possible to avoid it, for the example stated earlier on the pharmacy subject combination is chemistry, Physics, biology & English.

4• Avoid procrastination and do more of silent work:  procrastination is the act of  postponing decision or action i.e a student procrastinating about he's/her registration process might end up making mistakes which might lead to he's or her disqualification so therefore most Candidate are advise to avoid procrastinating

5• Avoid making errors in your details: this sounds simple but though it is important to note because you might not tell damage it might cost you so it is possible you can make mistake in your name, profile code, registration number fate of birth etc, so having full knowledge about them matters Alot.

6• Always do everything by your self during the registration: here what we mean is that you shouldn't allow somebody else to take charge fully while registering you, you as the Candidate have to be present and you also have to follow up in the registration process.

7• Ask questions from those who know better than you: do not keep mute all because you intend to behave mature and get your registration process all wrong, you have to ask those who you know have higher ranges of understanding than you questions should incase you are not getting a particular thing don't always keep quiet thinking you are doing it to avoid distraction but not knowing you are harming your self.

8• Avoid registering in an unaccredited CBT center: yes avoid registering in an unaccredited CBT center is very important i.e avoid cyber Cafe as most of them are not satisfied to register Candidates.

9• No matter what you do always remember not to register late: yes avoid late registration do not register for the examination late as the case maybe because that is where most Students/Candidate make lot's of mistakes, because you might be in haste while registering for the exam due to the fact that you are registering late.

Mistake one needs to avoid


• ask the head of the jamb CBT center for guild lines If he or she is present or anyone next to him or her

• if the details have been entered wrongly wait for jamb correction as there always give room for Candidate to make corrections

• be plane when trying to explain the problem to the person who wants to help you out.


In addition to what we have discussed above Candidate are to avoid any form of malpractice on or before registration, most cyber Cafe worker who promise to help Candidates with answers for examination are all FALSE we always advise Candidate to study hard and prepare for the examination of you need guild lines  read Here. In respect to that we advise all Candidate to avoid unnecessary whatsapp group which mostly focus on expo "runs" because all of them are FALSE  as their motive is only to scam Students.

SHARING IS CARING: do not forget to share our articles to your friends who might be in need of this unique information thanks.

Readers are advise to ask questions if there are finding it difficult to understand a particular aspect of the content thanks.





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