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Effect of D7 in waec examination

 In this article we will be explaining the effect of having D7 in WAEC EXAMINATION if you are new to our blog we always advise our readers to read painstakingly and ask questions if there need to.


What is D7 in WAEC

What is the effect of D7 in any of my Subject

Which school accept D7

Photo showing waec result

We will be explaining the meaning and  effect D7 in WAEC EXAMINATION before that let me bring your mind down from the tension you might have put your mind at.

Yes D7 is a grade which can be anybody's fate, it not a crime but most people actually fear it.

Who could love a bad grade in his or her results.? Just kidding


D7 is a grade mark in waec EXAMINATION for a particular subject which is also called a pass grade or a pass mark, having D7 in your waec examination means you have pass that exam and atleast have a pass in waec examination. But the question most candidate ask themselves is that does having D7 mean I really pass the exam in the first place.?

What Are D7, E8, And F9? Are they good grades in results? Can you use them to gain admission into University? Many students have been asking if the grades that they had in their O' level results are okay for writing or gaining admission into the tertiary institution. I am pretty sure, that's what probably makes you be going through our site content the minute, but  look no further I will be explaining them one at a time.

If that is what you are looking for, this post was written to provide this particular information vividly and make it easier and  understandable for you. What you only need to do is to carefully pay attention to enjoy and get the main purpose of this article and to archive what you are looking for on this blog.

In a normal sense you actually pass the examination "waec" but outside the board grading in relation to other board and institution you may have performed low to their expectation.

In other words to make you understand this let's use name as an example, Jacob score A1 in English B2 in mathematics C5 in chemistry and D7 in physics he now got c6 in both agric and animal husbandry then he had B2 in civic Education, he now had B2 in geography and C4 in Book keeping, looking at the arrangements of his grades let's rearrange them in a horizontal pattern.

English A1

Mathematics A1

Chemistry D7

Physics C6

Agriculture Science C6

Animal husbandry C6

Civic Education B2

Geography B2

Book keeping C4

Looking at Jacob results these are good grades from a candidate but one thing doesn't look right which is Physics which he had D7 in it. 

Moreso; having knowing fully well what grade he had in his examination we will now look out some of the effect and impact of the grade D7


there are numerous effect of having a low grade score in your exam but it depends on the tendency of such effect and how bad it can affect your choices in Academics



West Africa examination council

Quickly let's look at some effect of D7 in WAEC EXAMINATION

1.) It hinders further processing to a higher institution: ofcourse most institution want credit in their applicants grade i.e. From A1 to C6 grades are acceptable.

2.) It reduces your Chances of being admitted: yes having such a low school will reduce your chances of being admitted

3.) It is discouraging: after so much effort put into the examination seeing one's result as D7 is some discourage and heart broken

4.) With D7 in WAEC candidate may be denied some courses: it is of no news that there are some courses which will not accept the D7 in the waec so such a candidate will have to choose or go for another course which comply with my the grade capacity which is D7.

5.) Candidate may fall for scam: yes if you have such score in waec you might fall for scammers who will be disguising themselves as waec officials promising students that there can be of help to them explaining to them different methods by which there can change your score From the initial D7 to A1 there will use words like the common word people report them with which is "upgrade" once there promise you good grade at the end there will ask you for some particular amount of money and you may pay and after that your money is gone.

How do I resolve D7 effect in my waec result.?

Actually resolving D7 effect is almost impossible one need to stick to the institution and course which there are given for example if Caleb had intention of studying biochemistry or microbiology or perhaps anatomy he will not be able to apply for those courses due to the effect of physics having D7 as it grade in it. 

One tend to rewrite the examination or stick with the institution/course been offered to him.

If a student have D7 or E8 in his or her waec examination the best thing 

1. Change your course: if it is within your power to switch courses, just do it because even if you wait, admission will not still be available for you. In this case, you will need to change to the area that is not affected. For example, if you planned to study Electrical Engineering and your result is affected by physics, you can easily swap from it to a related science course, like medical science provided you have enrolled in the subject that is required in the field.

2. Re-enroll/ write again:  some people may not want to change. If you are that type of person, the best thing for you to do is to wait for the following year to re-seat the missing one.

Which school accept D7

Before now you might be curious to know which institution accept D7 grade in waec and which course can you study with it, below we will look at some institution which offer's candidate admission even with D7 in their waec grade.

Note: this low grade can only be accepted just once for a particular subject in your five major Olevel, for example in your five olevel you want to use for screening or upload only one Subject is suppose to have such low grade like D7 the rest of the subject are expected to have atleast Credit for such to be allowed.

The following institution accept D7 in waec result for undergraduates.

1.) Delta state university

2.) Imo state university

3.) Educational technology (ESUTECH)

4.) Federal university of agriculture markudi

5.) Rivers state university of science and technology (RSUST)

6.) Abia state university 


Most of the course available for such grade in most of this university are:

Agricultural courses: courses which might include

 fishery and aquaculture

agricultural Science

soil Science 

nutrition and dietetics

fisheries, plant Science

Animal production

food science

agric and economics

crop Science

Animal production

Educational courses: 

Biology Education

Adult education

Health education

Education technology

Kindly note: that as at the point of writing this article many things might change depending on the above institution, but as of the time of writing this article you can apply with D7 to those institution and still get admission.

Readers are always advise to ask questions if there are finding it difficult to understand a particular aspect of the content thanks.

Share most of our content to your friends who might be in need of this vital information as well thanks.

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