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In this article we will be discussing different method  by which students can prepare for  NECO examination. Before that we will be looking at the following



. Meaning of NECO

. Important of NECO

. How to prepare for NECO examination



The national examination council “NECO” the board is responsible for conducting  the senior secondary certificate examination for most NIGERIA students specifically the SS3 students it was formed in the year 1999 during the administration of his excellency ABDULSALAMI ABUBAKAR the for head of state, NECO as a board there are responsible for the following exams conductions which includes SSCE, BECE, and NCEE exams respectively, the NECO board has a registrar by name IBRAHIM DANATANI, click here for the official website link.




We have successfully explain the meaning of NECO and most of the exams been held by the board Having knowing that I will assume our readers are fully informed about the information above. We will be discussing the basic important of NECO examination and  as well as it benefit in the academic journey of students, below are most of the important of NECO examination.

1.       NECO examination prepare students for other competitive examination in future:  candidates of The national examination council having written the exam will keep them active for more competitive exams in future, as funny as it may sounds the truth is NECO exam is very competitive, most student who write the examination can attest to that if been sincere that NECO exam is a very competitive examination and most student find it  very difficult to pass it if he/she do not prepare hard for the exam, with this experience with the NECO examination student’s will be prepared for other future exams such jamb, JUPEB, E.T.C


2.       NECO examination just like every other exam board enables students to proceed to higher institutions: just like some other none exam board NECO exam will grant all candidates who at least successfully pass the examination with a credit in their grades, this is because almost all institutions accept result grades from distinction to credit only anything above credit  “C” will not be accepted by most institutions I.E D7 F9 P E.T.C  will not be accepted by most high institutions.



3.       NECO examination: keep students active by engaging them in their studies reading and focusing more on the examination ahead and if use to it there will adapt  the method of reading  alone and understanding in other to comprehend what there are reading, as funny as it may sound I will always say this most student don’t read and understand what there are reading, most at times  there just read because  there have  to read and  not really because the choose to read, therefore NECO examination could be a sit for such attribute for student’s I.E there might love to or get use to reading from there. It funny right but though it is true




This is what most readers have been waiting for, we have successfully discuss about the benefit/important of NECO examination below lets look at the how we can prepare for the examination and successfully pass it.

As hard as it may sound do you know passing NECO examination is easy? 

Below are some of the steps/methods by which students can use to pass NECO examination, if you as a candidate preparing to write NECO examination follow the following steps passing NECO examination shouldn’t give you headache.

1 have a target plan towards the examination: a target plan is  your desired plan you have in mind before the commencement of the examination alternatively  most students do  not know what is a target plan, well a target plan is a set aside plan by which you are hoping to attain after the examination, knowing your target plan really matters.

2.Be consistent with your studies: well this is what everyone knows but we fail to do it which is “consistency” when you are consistent you will be focused and when you are focus you have the assurance of passing what you are preparing for so students who are preparing for NECO are advice to be focus in what there are aiming at.

3.Be determined: who is a determined.? A determine mind is someone who is willing to let go all other distraction and be focus in other to attain what he/she is aiming for which is to pass the main examination in our case study here NECO exam, candidates who are determine to pass the exam successfully will surely do if there remain focused on what there are doing which is to study hard.

4. Be smart:  student who are smart tends to know more and there tend to learn  fast so been smart enable you to be a fast learner if you are smart you tend to have increase in your I.Q.

6. practice what you have learnt so far: the act of practicing make you aware of how read you are for the so students are advice to practice what there have learnt so far during their days of reading candidates can practice with the following:

1 NECO hard copy past questions

2 NECO soft copy past question

3 NECO CBT past question

4 practice with friends in group



5.Be prayerful: prayer is also very important above all we should learn how to put God first in all that we do, prayer is the key that unlock every hiding learning secret so therefore student are advice to pray.


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