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How to prepare for waec examination

In this article we will be discussing   the method by which student prepare and read for an exam in our main topic today we will focus on (west Africa senior examination council) “WAEC”.


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What we normally   tell our readers is to consistent and focus in the case of reading  our articles to avoid distraction.

What to expect at the end of this article:

.Meaning of WAEC

 .Important of WAEC

.How to prepare for WAEC examination

Meaning  of WAEC

The west Africa senior examination council is an exam board which set examination  for all sss3 student in Africa.

All student who graduated  from secondary  schools are expected  to written this examination because  it is a compulsory exam for all students.

Even without been told you will know that at the end of your secondary  school level you are expected to write your last examination which will guarantee your admission in the tertiary level.

Basically  we have explain the meaning  of WAEC and also highlighted the set of students who are require to write this exam now will be looking at the important of WAEC examination.


 Sometimes ago after the conclusion 9f the west Africa examination council was concluded news papers Media like Punch, vanguard and the Guardian Newspaper and the likes, made it know to the general public that the WAEC BOARD  recorded and verified that about 75-76% of students that took WAEC examination in 2020 and 2021 failed the exam. Before that year, Punch online newspaper also stated that 83-84% of WAEC candidates didn't pass with more than five Fs. All these records of failure in WAEC EXAMINATION in the just conclude exams year's  always put fear in the minds of students, scholars and parents that want their children to pass WAEC examination excellently without any form of failure. So you know, I had to do thorough research before publishing this content to find out most west Africa countries that performed well in WAEC and some of the reasons why students fail the examination in a high percentage.

If you took your time to read the content of that infographics, you will notice that most students fail WAEC examination for three reasons:

1. Bad reading habit

2. Distraction from social media

3. Bad education system

4. Overconfident and lack of prayer

As you all know we are not going to look too  deep into those reasons because it is beyond the scope of this content. However, it is also important to note that anyone who really want to pass WAEC must overcome these four causes/reasons.

Now the question will is “how can one overcome the cause of these incessant failure in WAEC examination?” I have been able to gather some tips that can really help students to pass WAEC examination and that is exactly what I am going to share in this content.

But before we move to that, it is also necessary to know what WAEC examination is all about, especially if you haven’t written the exam before. Remember that you can’t defeat a war if you do not know who you are fighting and prepare for it. Therefore  is necessasity or need  for me to also teach you every thing a WAEC candidate must know before participating in the examination.


I will assume by now  that our readers have full knowledge  about the meaning of WAEC and student who write this examination, below we will look at the important of waec examination.


1.enable students to proceed with the dreams of their various profession:

Most students   have dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, actress/actors, nurses, e.t.c but there can only proceed with that if there are able to pass the examination  set by the waec board which most (i) student have written and many will still write as long as such student pass through his/her secondary level of education.

So in other to attain that dream which you always have as a student you need to pass the waec examination to enable you to proceed with the next step.


2.waec examination prepare students for more competitive exam in future:

Like I stated earlier waec examination prepare most student for more competitive exams in future it just like a reminder that in the high institution   you will write hard exams as well so to prepare one’s self for such exams student are advice to write the waec examination without doubt it really a preparing stage in one’s life and  students   shouldn’t miss this opportunity.


3.waec examination serve as an entrance certificate before student will be admitted

Yes this is the most important aspect  about the examination, because it serve as a permit certificate  to be admitted by any institutions  so student who doesn’t  have this certificate can not be admitted into institutions which make use if the west Africa examination council certificate and in this case most institution if not make use of waec certificate for their admission process.




How to prepare for WAEC examination

Preparing for an examination is very important but preparing well for that exam is very vital.

What is a vital preparation?

A preparation which one engage with at least 90% focus is term as ’vital’ preparation it is called vital because it is a necessary preparation which you engage your self in, in other to get a positive/excellence outcome.

Below we will be discussing different way by which student can prepare themselves for the waec examination.

More often than not, candidates fail WAEC examination because of simple mistakes they make while writing the examination. It is worthwhile to note that WAEC does not only test you on what you have upstairs (in your brain), they also test your ability to follow simple instructions.

Sometimes, even if you write very well, the little mistakes you made while answering your questions will not allow you to get your full marks for a question. Based on experience, below are some of the mistakes candidates make during WAEC examination:

Failing to write their name(s) in capital letters. 

Entering a wrong center number in your script.

Entering a wrong seat number in your script.

Writing across the margin lines

Answering a questions with answers that is meant for another question:

There are other common mistakes candidates make, but if you can effectively sidestep the ones listed above, you have gone a long way to reduce your chance of making mistakes during WAEC examination.

To correct these mistakes during WAEC examination, you must learn to structure your answers before writing them down in your answer sheet. Doing this will not only help you circumvent mistakes, it will add you more marks because anyone who will mark your script will want to appreciate your structuring m and nice work.

1.have a target plan towards the examination: most students  not know what is a target plan, well a target plan is a set aside plan by which you are hoping to attain after the examination.

2.Be consistent with your studies: well this is what everyone knows but we fail to do it which is ‘consistency’ when you are consistent you will be focused and when you are focus you have the assurance of passing what you are preparing for.

3.Be determined:  a determined mind is willing to let go all other distraction and be focus in other to attain what he/she is aiming for which is to pass the main examination in our case study here WAEC exam.

4. Be smart:  student who are smart tends to know more and there tend to learn  fast so been smart enable you to be a fast learner

5.Be prayerful: above all we should learn how to put God first in all that we do, prayer is the key that unlock every hiding learning secret so therefore student are advice to pray.


 do well to share our article to your friends  and other students as well thank you.

Should incase you have a question to ask in the comment section feel free to do so.


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