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 In this article we will be dropping some interesting updates in regards to the west Africa examination council "WAEC"

Image: WAEC

For the benefit of most candidates who have been asking about the date and time by which the board will release the results for collection, this post will be really helpful to you all.

I will urge you all to read it painstakingly to get the details properly without any confusion.

The West African Examinations Council  WAEC wishes to inform all stakeholders and the general public that the certificates of Candidates who sat WASSCE for School Candidates, 2022 have been printed and are ready for collection starting from January 2023.

HOWEVER, the DIGITAL VERSION of the certificates can RIGHT NOW be accessed, shared and confirmed to any institution by INTERESTED CANDIDATES, directly from the WAEC Digital Certificate platform via waec.org

The digital version of the result is the same candidate result which can be access directly online through waec.org as stated above 

Things you need to know after collection of the results

1. Your grade is your grade: the grade you will see in your result is your grade and can't be changed again, there is absolutely nothing like WAEC upgrade as always said by some scammer's online. no one  can upgrade your grades for you and your grade won't change from A1 to B3 because that is your grade and can't be altered or changed.

WAEC upgrade is scam beware

2. Do well to laminate the original copy to avoid been wet by water and to prevent stain on the paper.

3. Photocopy some extra copy of the original results to present in school during screening or at any needed state.


The above information was posted as soon as it was published by the board, the details might change with time and as such will also be corrected on this blog.

Kindly note the collection of the original waec result is always compulsory and it is different from the photocopy ones.

The below date and time for the commencement of the following EXAMINATION


Sales of UTME Form: Saturday, 14th January to Tuesday, 14th February 2023.

Sale of Direct Entry Form: Monday, 20th February to Thursday, 20th April 2023.

Optional Mock Examination: Thursday, 16th March 2023.

Conduct of UTME: Saturday, 29th April to Monday, 12th May 2023.

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